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Get a CMA on Your Home

With home prices changing quickly, how do you know what your home is REALLY worth? Dining

Zillow.com does a computerized analysis with it’s “Zestimates” – but nothing beats the knowledge and experienced of a full time REALTOR who lives and works in the area, keeping tabs on home sales, prices, buyer sentiment, and knowing what’s happening behind the scenes. Stop guessing – and get a professional Comparative Market Analysis on your home today.

Every house has it’s positive and negative attributes. Most home sellers overlook the negatives, and aspire to sell for a higher price than many buyers are willing to pay. Today’s market can be confusing because there have been MANY sales over asking price, with multiple offers. Without knowing everything that went on behind the scenes to accomplish this, what else was on the market the week it sold, and other driving factors, it’s difficult for a homeowner without wide market knowledge and valuation skill to know what their home is worth.

A CMA involves a visit to the house to meet you, get to know your home’s interior condition, learn of potential issues with the house, and improvements you may have made. Then a detailed analysis is done of similar properties currently on the market, those under agreement, and recent Sales. Using a combination of computer analysis plus the knowledge and experience of the area, homes, and market, a price RANGE is established, which could be considered FAIR MARKET VALUE for your home.

Your home over time experiences some depreciation, and if delayed maintenance is evident, additional discussion is needed to understand if you will be making updates before going on the market, and therefore affecting the price. Often we can provide suggestions and guidance for making worthwhile improvements to the home before selling, to help you MAXIMIZE your EQUITY. Schedule a Comparative Market Analysis today ~ let us help you understand your home’s value as it is today, and give you ideas to improve and increase your home’s value.